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Team Bahrain McLaren

Helping McLaren cycling team reach global fans

Extension of the team spirit

Team Bahrain McLaren is known to cycling fans as a team combining the best riders with the latest tech achievements in their sport. With such a backstory, creating a new web presence and presenting their mission to the world, while keeping in line with their well establishes internal design system.

Capturing the spirit

With branding and a lot of visual design elements in place, the true nature of creativity comes into play - how do you use all the set pieces to create something new, and make it equally fresh and powerful in another medium, like the internet. How can you expand it into other channels - like email messages?

Bahrain Cycling Team - pages
Bahrain Cycling Team - pages

What a difference data makes

In cycling, fractions of seconds often mean the difference between success and failure. Cyclists need to push the limits of physical exertion and their own boundaries. To monitor and improve, the team constantly collects and analyses enormous amounts of data. We recognised this as insider information something fans rarely get to see, so we used it as inspiration and opened up all these processes to their fans and audience.

Bahrain Cycling Team - Team & Season pages
Bahrain Cycling Team - Team page

Engaging the fans

If you are a fan, you constantly want to keep track of your team - where are they, what races are they a part of, how did they do - to serve all this, in almost real-time, we designed processes for team members who maintained the website and social feeds and provided them with visual guides, helping them get best looking content out of often chaotic photo materials they get on the spot. Results were stunning and celebrated among the fans and within the team.

Bahrain Cycling Team - About & Home pages
Bahrain Cycling Team - About & Home pages

Making sponsors happy

Successful sports teams often have multiple brands that compete for their piece of media and are willing to pay a lot of money for visibility so incorporating a way for sponsors to tell their stories and promote their technical breakthroughs to a broader audience was another piece of the puzzle we had to solve when building this website.

Bahrain Cycling Team - Partners & Tech Lab pages
Bahrain Cycling Team - Partners page

We are thrilled with the custom website that Agilo has built for us! It's visually stunning and easy to navigate, making it a joy for our fans to stay up-to-date with our team's progress. The level of professionalism and attention to detail from the Agilo team was exceptional. Thank you for helping us showcase our team in the best possible way!

Kolja Koracak Brand Director
  • Bahrain Cycling Team
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Email Development
  • Maintenance
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress

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